Jahna’s Testimonials

“There is this thing called acupuncture that makes you feel like a magical floating unicorn (for real), and there is this amazing woman that does it… thank you Jahna Cook for taking care of me, you are truly a goddess!!!”  -Sara J

“The treatments I received from Jahna were essential while training for Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon last year. Her treatments are so soothing and restorative! I was able to maintain my rigorous training schedule and remaining healthy at the starting line come race day! I would recommend Jahna to anyone looking to improve athletic performance and prevent injury.”
-Elizabeth D

“I was suffering from chronic shoulder pain. As an avid golfer, this injury was really impacting my lifestyle. I had previously tried
physical therapy with little relief. Finally, after seeing Jahna for electro-acupuncture and cupping therapy, I was able to resolve my shoulder issues completely! Jahna not only helped me with my injury, but also provided insight into prevention of future injury.
-Ron C

“Jahna’s knowledge and expertise is amazing.  I left feeling amazing and will recommend to many others.”
-Justin D

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