Sarah’s Testimonials

Cupping with Sarah Leave Me Feeling Like I had a Face Lift

“I saw Sarah the other day for the first time for facial cupping and I really enjoyed both Sarah’s professionalism and her skill with the cupping. It was such a treat to experience and I would highly recommend facial cupping with Sarah to everyone and anyone as I was amazed at how much tension I was carrying in my face and jaw and how it released after the cupping. I also felt lighter and almost like a little face lift.” Anonymous

Sarah Ranks with the Very Best

“I have been a client of Sarah’s for awhile now. Not only does she give an excellent deep tissue massage, but has the touch and knowledge to work on specific kinks and knots. I have seen many massage therapists, and she ranks with the very best, and you will never come away wishing that you had booked elsewhere.”- Jeff Withrow

Pain-free and Medication-free Thanks to Sarah

“I came to Sarah looking for relief from a 3 year old injury that my regular doctor wrote off with nothing but pain medications. After one intense cupping session my shoulder was moving with 50% more range of motion – it is now moving PAIN FREE!! -Eric Steinmetz

Healing Space for Inner Peace with Sarah

“Sarah Preston creates a “healing” space for clients to sense inner peace and to fully connect with their bodies to begin the therapeutic process. Sarah is proud to be a catalyst to shift our society towards acceptance in healing and health that is focused on the mind-body-spirit connection.” Anonymous

Cupping at Isthmus Is The Only Place to Go

“Sarah’s massage and cupping skills are Excellent. She is always professional and very warm and friendly. I wouldn’t go for anyone else for massage and cupping.” Debbie. W. Madison, WI

Sarah gives the best massages!!!

Jeff G., Madison, WI

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