Getting Pregnant with Nutritional Supplements

Getting pregnant with nutritional supplements makes a significant difference based on the raw materials used, where they are sourced, the manufacturing process, and any additives and preservatives used in processing. In addition, many people do not properly absorb man-made vitamins, which burden the liver and disrupt reproductive health.

Getting pregnant with nutritional supplements

At Isthmus Wellness we have carefully researched and carry only the highest quality nutritional supplements that enhance your reproductive health. Most of our clients experience improvements in digestion, mood, energy levels, menstrual cycles and Basal Body Temperature (BBT) after making changes in supplements.

Prenatal Vitamins

It is estimated up to 70% of women struggling to get pregnant do not absorb synthetic folic acid and require a special form of methyl-folate instead. Prenatal Pro by Designs for Health is the highest quality prenatal vitamin available on the market and was the first to include pre-converted folate (5MTHF) that prevents birth defects, enhances detoxification, and supports mental health. This supplement provides bio-available vitamins and minerals beneficial for pregnancy and fertility.

Prenatal vitamins that we do not recommend include the following:

  • Prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid, Vit D2, Vit A palmitate, calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide, which are hard to absorb
  • Prenatal vitamins that are cultured in saccharomyces yeast as we have found some clients have yeast sensitivities and saccharomyces fungal overgrowth detected on stool testing
  • Gummy type prenatal vitamins contain folic acid, Vit D2, Vit A palmitate, preservatives, sugars and no calcium, magnesium or iodine
  • Prenatal vitamins purchased at large retailers, drugs stores, and pharmacies sometimes contain the poorest quality raw materials, folic acid, food additives, preservatives and coloring

Prescript Assist Pro Soil Based Probiotic by Researched Nutritionals

The natural flora found in the digestive system and vaginal area can be most likened to microbes found in soil, not yeast and dairy. It is critical to support the healthy bacteria our bodies require as it is significantly depleted by current farming practices, herbicides and chemicals used in processing food.

Isthmus Wellness recommends soil-based probiotics (SBO) because they:

  1. Provide GLA (gamma linoleic acid), an essential fatty acid responsible for healthy hormone production
  2. Flush out harmful pathogens (viruses, bacteria, yeasts and parasites)
  3. Disintegrate undigested food and mucus in the small intestines, which eliminates the breeding grounds for pathogens, yeast and parasites
  4. Improve nutrient absorption by opening the pathways of intestinal villi
  5. Play a major role in the breakdown and conversion of food
  6. Produce new RNA & DNA, which activate cellular repair and improves cellular function
  7. Activate alpha interferon (a key immune system regulator)
  8. Stimulate the production of human lactoferrin, the body’s most effective natural bactericides and fungicides

Fish Oil Supplementation

Today’s diets are significantly low in Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) found in fish oil and grass-fed meats. DHA supports the healthy development of the brain, nervous system and eyes during pregnancy. EPA supports healthy immune and cardiovascular systems.

With today’s environmental toxins, radiation and heavy metals found in the ocean it is critical that fish oil supplements are sourced from clean water. We recommend the following fish oils based on limited exposure to heavy metals and radiation:

  • Standard Process Tuna Oil – DHA 300mg + EPA 60mg and sourced from Iceland
  • Standard Process Cod Liver Oil – DHA 300mg + EPA 210mg + naturally occurring Co-Q10, Vit A & D and sourced from Norway
  • Standard Process Liquid Calamari (refrigerate after opening) – Highest naturally occurring level DHA 800mg + EPA 400 mg per serving and sourced from Norway
  • APEX – Ultra D Complex – (refrigerate after opening) Cod liver oil with cofactors to improve absorption of natural Vit A, D and DHA/EPA sourced from the Arctic Sea
  • APEX Brain E-DHA – (refrigerate after opening) from tuna DHA 1200mg/EPA 85mg sourced from the Arctic Sea


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