Skincare and Infertility

Skincare and Infertility

skincare and infertility

Skincare and infertility affects both male and female reproductive health. Skincare and cosmetics can contribute to infertility in a variety of ways. Your skin is your largest organ of absorption and what is applied to the skin will enter your lymph system and blood stream or store in your fat cells. Chemicals and toxins that are known to negatively impact hormones and fertility are included in many over-the-counter and prescription products.

Toxic chemicals in cosmetics will affect both skincare and infertility. The master glands that regulate hormones are located behind the sinuses. Toxins commonly included in face creams and make-up negatively impact these glands and disrupt hormones.

Feminine Hygiene Products and Infertility

Feminine hygiene products can negatively impact fertility because cotton is grown with high levels of pesticides. Non-organic pads and tampons will transfer dangerous chemicals to reproductive organs via direct contact with the area. We recommend using Natracare products made from 100% organic cotton and do not contain chlorine bleach, petrochemicals, and latex found in the non-organic feminine hygiene products. Our clients comment that they feel an immediate difference when they change products.

At Isthmus Wellness, we find that making these changes to your daily routine will greatly improve your overall and reproductive health. These changes will improve the outcome of all fertility enhancement treatments you receive while creating a healthy environment in the uterus for your baby to develop.

Product Health Assessment for Skincare and Infertility

Improving health begins with making informed choices everyday to address skincare and infertility. Please visit Environmental Worker’s Group at and review your everyday consumables that are potentially affecting your health. Products with a rating of two or under are the safest. Any products with a rating of three or above will need to be switched to a healthy alternative.

We are happy to help you find healthy alternatives. We have provided our Product Assessment Chart to help you identify potential toxic products and address skincare and infertility.

Click here for our Product Health Assessment Form

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