Breech Presentation

At Isthmus, we will start treating breech presentation at 32 weeks as studies have shown that the earlier treatments are started for breech babies, the higher the success rate. Breech presentation treated between 36 and 38 weeks requires an aggressive team approach using acupuncture, moxabustion and pregnancy Maya.

Studies Prove Acupuncture and Moxabustion Correct Breech Presentation

Acupuncture plus moxabustion can help resolve breech presentation

Moxibustion for Correction of Breech Presentation: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Moxibustion and other acupuncture point stimulation methods to treat breech presentation: a systematic review of clinical trials

Moxabustion for Breech Presentation

For thousands of years, acupuncturists have known the technique of turning a breech baby. Prior to the use of acupuncture needles, moxabustion was used as one of the methods to stimulate acupuncture points. By burning a fragrant herb over one of the acupuncture points (Bladder 67), the uterine muscles relax allowing the baby to turn. Moxibustion can be preformed at home by burning a smokeless moxa-stick and allowing the heat to radiate into the point. Each foot should be stimulated for 20-minutes daily for five days, then take two days off and resume the 20-minute stimulation for another five days. If the baby turns during the course of treatment, the moxa should be continued until the end of that five-days treatment. By continuing the moxa the baby is more likely to stay in the correct position.

Acupuncture for Breech Presentation

Acupuncture can help relax uterine muscles and encourage the brain to send signals to the baby to turn. By balancing the meridian systems for both mother and baby during an acupuncture session, stress and tension is reduced and the two bodies can communicate on a cellular level. We recommend acupuncture once to twice weekly for breech presentation starting at 34 weeks.

Pregnancy Maya for Breech Presentation

Pregnancy Maya relaxes the muscles associated with pregnancy and helps to bring the uterus into proper alignment in the pelvis. This provides more room for the breech baby to turn and helps prepare the uterus for labor. We recommend weekly Pregnancy Maya for breech presentation starting at 34 weeks.

How to Turn a Breech Baby: Various Techniques That Can Turn Your Baby


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