Cailin’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

“Natural and Genuine Healer”

Cailin is a natural and genuine healer who is compassionate with an expert hand in her needle work. I’m grateful to have found her. She has helped me tremendously with my cancer recovery on a physical, mental, and emotional level through effective acupuncture. I highly recommend her for newbies and discerning clients alike.” –Ji D.

“Her Treatments Are Effective”

Each acupuncture session with Cailin Marsden feels like a gracious host welcoming me into her hospitable home. She is a good listener and I appreciate her holistic approach to healing. Cailin offers consistently comfortable needle insertion as well as helpful explanations about specific procedures in the wider context of Chinese medicine. Her treatments are effective in a variety of ways—sometimes unexpectedly.” –Phyllis K.

“Gentle Demeanor and Friendly Attitude”

Not only is Cailin a great human being, she is also a competent and skilled practitioner. Her gentle demeanor and friendly attitude are paired with a dry sense of humor and clever mind, the perfect combination in someone who needs to simultaneously hold space and provide guidance in the treatment process. I’ve found great comfort in weekly sessions with her and know that she will only keep getting more confident & fabulous as she continues to grow with her practice.” –Emily S.

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