Chandon Williams

Chandon Williams, MSOM, CA
Certified Acupuncturist and Certified Herbalist

Chandon Williams enjoys taking a multi-faceted approach to holistic living and has tremendous trust and faith in the bodies ability to heal. She believes in nose-to-tail eating as recommended by traditional Chinese medicine and many traditional cultures, which includes adding organ meats, gelatin, broth and animal skin into the diet. She believes to heal, the building blocks of nutrition must be there either through diet or a combination of diet and food based supplements.  Fertility, pregnancy, autoimmune issues, and neurological disorders are the main focus on her practice.  Acupuncture with Chandon is tailored to your needs and may also include holistic lifestyle coaching around circadian rhythm, EMF mitigation, ancestral nutritional counseling (also inspired by GAPS or Weston A. Price), herbal medicine and facial rejuvenation. She is committed to helping others achieve optimal health and gives simple yet effective recommendations to help her clients reach this goal while at the same time, meeting them where they are at.

Chandon Williams has advanced training and specializes in:

  • Women’s Health: infertility, endometriosis, irregular cycles, pelvic pain, PCOS, PMS and estrogen dominance
  • Pain: Tight muscles, nerve pain, numbness, tension, body aches and pains, headaches and migraines
  • Autoimmune conditions: allergies, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Pregnancy care: labor preparation and post-partum care
  • Facial rejuvenation: fine lines, tone, uneven spots and hormonal imbalance affecting the skin

Meet Chandon Williams!

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Chandon Williams has been an acupuncturist since in 2007 and enjoys working in an environment that offers many modalities to synergistically support clients’ health and wellness. Chandon created the Acupressure for Birth Partners video training offered through Isthmus.

Chandon Williams graduated in 2007 with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine and as a massage therapist from The East-West Healing Arts Institute in 2005. Chandon has studied extensively under world-renowned facial acupuncturist Mary Elizabeth Wakefield.  Chandon also studied Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™.

What Chandon’s clients say:

“I had two miscarriages and Chandon was so compassionate and reassuring as she helped me through those challenging times. I conceived and carried a baby boy to term and I strongly believe she is the reason that I was able to conceive and maintain the pregnancy through her use of both acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

“Receiving acupuncture from Chandon has not only brought balance in the short term, but has empowered me to recognize when something is out of balance in the first place. I feel that I learned a lot about health and my own body in the process of receiving acupuncture and herbal treatments.”

Energy Balancing

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