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Energy Balancing

I Would Recommend Lisa to My Friends

I have been seeing Lisa for a few years. She is very caring, a good listener and puts much effort into planning how to best treat you. I’ve had a lot of relief from discomfort after her treatments. Recent injuries are often eliminated afterwards. Lisa is also concerned about over-all health/well-being. She has offered suggestions on things like supplements, activities, oils, massage therapists, etc., that have been helpful. Not only would I recommend her to friends, I’ve already done so!”

Lisa Listens and Provides Immediate Results

What I like the most about Lisa is that she truly listens to what is going on in my body and how it is affecting me. I feel comfortable asking questions and sharing my concerns. Her confident approach to healing reassures me that I can overcome these health issues and get back to doing the things I love. Lisa’s exceptional knowledge, kindness, and confidence in both herself and me has made all the difference in the world in my healing. With acupuncture and essential oils I found significant relief in my all over body aches, knee pain, elbow pain, and hip pain and was able to find joy in everyday experiences within days.” –Laura Gleisner, Madison, WI

Adding Acupuncture with Lisa + IUI = Healthy Pregnancy

Lisa was able to get my body in-sync and to relax; I was holding a lot of stress. In conjunction with my doctors at Generations, I had four IUI’s and the last one that included Lisa was the one that worked. I was struggling to get pregnant for three years and my baby boy is due next month. Lisa is so great to see at Isthmus. Her bedside manner is top notch and I really trust her thought process and recommendations. I have, and will continue to refer her to everyone I meet!” –LY, Madison, WI

Isthmus Quality Makes the Difference Immediately

After seeing a different acupuncturist for three months there were no improvements in my headaches and infertility. Then I came to Isthmus Wellness and after a few weeks of treatments from Lisa Littel and Mayan Massage from Heidi Jost I got pregnant! My headaches of two years that made it difficult to focus are now gone and I am 100% pregnant.” –Sherryl Crneckly, DeForest, WI

Acupuncture and Lisa’s Detective Skills Turnaround My Health

I feel that acupuncture was really the key to turning my health around. I was suffering from hormonal imbalances, migraines, night sweats and GI difficulties when I came to Isthmus Wellness and saw Lisa. I truly can’t believe how much better my body feels and how much my overall health has improved. I am grateful to Lisa for helping me decipher my treatment protocol, and help me understand some of the potential causes of my symptoms. I began a gluten-free diet, started probiotics and have started using essential oils, all have which have greatly improved my health and well-being!” –Sarah Roy, MSM, RN, Verona, WI

Getting My Life Back with Acupuncture and Essential Oils

I came to see Lisa Littel after suffering with anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia and psoriasis for 10 years. I had difficulty sleeping, depression, fatigue and found it hard to function on a daily basis as I was always exhausted. My anxiety at times would consume me and I was unable to enjoy life. Within three weeks I felt improvements and I am now 80-90% better. I absolutely love my acupuncture sessions with Lisa. These sessions are so relaxing that afterward I feel rejuvenated. Lisa also introduced me to essential oils and I am feeling much better since I started using them.” –JC, Galena, IL

Carpal Tunnel and Leg Twitching Improved Immediately

I received a consultation and treatment of acupuncture and essential oils because I was experiencing increased pain and discomfort in my wrist and right hand (carpal tunnel). I was diagnosed and successfully treated ten years ago, with a weekly regiment of neuromuscular massage, physical therapy and I wore a wrist brace 24/7 for one year. Due to recent, increased level of keyboarding, the pain and discomfort resurfaced, along with intermittent numbness in my hand. Lisa Littel provided immediate relief following a consultative two-way dialogue where she also discovered an unrelated area, that was highly sensitive to the touch, which she also treated. This area has been a nuisance to me in the evening when I am trying to go to sleep. I have not been diagnosed with restless leg, but my leg twitches while I am in a resting position. The pain in my wrist has subsided and I have greater dexterity in my hand overall. The ‘twitching’ in my leg has stopped entirely. Great professional experience overall.” –Anonymous

Great Communication and Acupuncture Skills = Great Treatment

Lisa’s approach was professional, consultative and informative, keeping me actively involved throughout my consultation and treatment with candid two-way dialogue. I was very comfortable throughout the visit. Lisa promptly addressed my immediate concern as a priority, and subsequently identified and successfully treated another area of pain and discomfort that typically only presents itself as I prepare for sleep. The level of pain and discomfort was reduced significantly for both areas as a result of my visit and I am enjoying greater mobility, dexterity and stamina as a result. My visit was very beneficial, and I look forward to working with Lisa as needs arise.” –Terry, Madison, WI

Who Would Have Thought First Time Getting Acupuncture Could be so Comfortable

Fantastic Experience! This was my first time trying out Acupuncture. Lisa Littel was attentive, asked great questions, and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. She explained everything and made the experience quite pleasant. I highly recommend her!” –anonymous

Anxiety and Depression Overcome within Days

I came to see Lisa Littel after struggling with anxiety, depression, irritability and problems sleeping for several months. Lisa was wonderful to work with, very caring and easy to talk and provided comfort and knowledge. I felt relaxed and renewed right away and continued to improve for days after.  Within just a few days I felt 80-85% better.” K.N. –Jefferson, WI

Essential Oils and Sauna Bring Welcomed Relief

First time in the dry sauna — great experience! I have been struggling with sinus and chest congestion and Lisa recommended a combination of oil + dry sauna which was very helpful. I had a peaceful sleep following the treatment which was wonderful! Thanks Lisa for recommending the sauna – I feel it has helped clear my head and my chest isn’t as tight.” –anonymous

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