Liz’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

Skeptic Turns True Believer

Acupuncture…IT WORKS!! I was a total skeptic, but Liz Mierendorf is an amazing acupuncturist who calmed my fears and made me a complete believer! Initially I was super worried about having my first acupuncture session, but Liz was very reassuring, professional and thorough. We spoke in length about any issues I had and she answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable even though I HATE needles! Paired with chiropractic care, it has helped me immensely with my monthly cycle, allergies, energy levels, sleeping and even a sore right shoulder! Last Friday I went into the session with horrible cramps and left without ANY …and proceeded to not feel anything through the rest of my cycle. Thank you so much Liz! I would recommend her and Isthmus in general to ladies with cramps, anyone with allergies or who have trouble with a recurring symptom that your MD just can’t “fix” and everyone in between to promote a healthy lifestyle and as a preventative.” –Taneesha

Hope, Healing, and TLC Improves Quality of Life Long-Term

My goal in visiting Liz Mierendorf, at Isthmus Wellness, was to alleviate an acute flare up of Ankylosing Spondylarthropothy or inflammation in my spine.  I have suffered with these types of flare-ups for about 7 years, usually several times a year.  The pain is debilitating and often leaves me crawling from place to place, missing work, and taking far too many pain pills and muscle relaxers because that is the only option that traditional medicine has to offer.  I was referred to Liz by a co-worker and from the moment I met her, I felt at ease.  After the very first treatment I felt some relief but more than anything, I felt hopeful, because of Liz’s background, knowledge, and friendliness.  I was seen several times over the next couple of weeks after my initial visit, and experienced the quickest recovery from any flare up, ever.  I still see Liz for maintenance and haven’t had a flare up in a while, I will continue with monthly maintenance visits to maintain my initial goal, and can only look forward to the remainder of the year without any flare-ups.  I’m thrilled to know Liz and her acupuncture and herbalist work and will recommend her at every opportunity (and already have).” –Roni F.

Sciatica, Bulging Disks & Spinal Stenosis Healed and Back to Myself

After being diagnosed with bulging disks, spinal stenosis and sciatic in the spring of 2012, I received many sessions of physical therapy and did all the recommended exercises with little improvement. I was still having constant pain in my lower back and tingling in my left leg and the only other options given to me were surgery or pain pills. I have always been a very active person, so I was anxious to find alternative ways to to get back into my normal routines. As some who really dislikes needles, I was apprehensive to try acupuncture, but decided to give it a try. During my first appointment with Liz Mierendorf in July 2012, I was immediately put at ease. After several treatments I started to not only feel relief from my pain, but I even felt more flexible and relaxed, especially in my neck and shoulders. With the pain and tingling subsiding, I was again sleeping through the night. With Liz’s help, I have been able to get back to the golfing, gardening, hiking and doing all the things I have always enjoyed. I use the oils at home as a preventative measure and will come to Liz periodically to keep my sciatica in check and because I love the relaxation aspect of acupuncture. I can not say enough about their beautiful facility and everyone at Isthmus Wellness.” –Sue S., Fitchburg, WI

Back Pain Finally Gone with Acupuncture

Liz was very helpful and listened when I described my back pain. I was in pain for 3 months. Workouts, sitting and bending over made me feel worse. I benefited from massage and chiropractic, but she explained what acupuncture was and how it could help me. The acupuncture and essential oils gave me immediate relief and I am 100% better now. Glad I listened and tried it out. I feel great!” –Charlie Wills, Madison, WI

Forever Grateful for Complete Care with Liz

Liz is a great practitioner and from the beginning I felt very well taken care of.  She listened closely to my concerns and problems and gave me great treatments that were specific to my body and problem areas. She included a variety of treatment techniques that included acupuncture, guasha, cupping, essential oils, and some massage.  Not only did I see great results from treatment but her bedside manor was great. She is a very sweet lady and takes time to really get to know her patients, not only when it comes to the body but also everyday life. I would recommend Liz for any pain management problems especially if they are sports related. A year ago when I starting seeing her, I was stiff and in a ton of pain. Now a year later I am feeling almost a hundred percent and have gone from seeing her twice a week to once a month. Liz has truly made my life much better and I will be forever grateful for her treatments.” –Leanna Shulken, Madison, WI

Speedy Recovery After Achilles Injury

Liz helped me so much, not just with my achilles injury but also with stressful emotional periods and other discomforts that arose. I really appreciate her extensive knowledge of sports medicine, physical therapy and her combined approach of treatment with essential oils, supplements, strengthening exercise. Thank you so much Liz!” –Katie Frerker

Feeling Better by Treating the Root

As always Liz Mierendorf at Isthmus worked her magic for me yesterday! Lately I have been suffering from ragweed season and some energy level drops most likely stemming from broken sleep patterns. She did what she does best and already last night I was able to fall asleep almost immediately and woke up with lots of energy. I love the fact that she gives me essential oils that I can use on a daily or as needed basis, especially for monthly issues and whenever I feel a headache coming on. Thank you so much Liz!!” –anonymous

Prenatal Care Addresses More Than Problems: It Promotes Wellness

Isthmus Wellness is an excellent health care provider. I have been very impressed with its facilities, customer service, and particularly the services of Liz Mierendorf. I came to Isthmus for prenatal care and not only have I had great relief from my specific prenatal problems, but I have generally felt healthier, more energized, and more relaxed. Isthmus truly cares about its clients’ overall wellbeing and that was evidenced through the service and care I received. I will definitely be returning to Isthmus.” –GC, Madison

Liz is My Miracle Worker!

Liz Mierendorf is phenomenal!!! In fact, I think she works miracles! ” –Larisa K., Madison, WI


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