Remington’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

“…amazing skills”

Dr. Bain is a talented practitioner. His kind demeanor and amazing skills are a rare combination. I recommend him highly! -KM

“I often refer my friends and family to him.”

I trust Dr. Bain as my primary care provider on several levels. He patiently listens to all my concerns and addresses each one with compassion. His knowledge of physical and mental-emotional health is extensive. I often refer my friends and family to him. -SG

“a relaxed and composed healer…”

Remington is a relaxed and composed healer, his communication style and understanding of nutrition and food therapy helped me make big, real life breakthroughs. Remington is humble as a practitioner and very receptive to input. His bedside manner is top notch and he is able to work through both extreme emotional sensitivity as well as a fear of needles. -TL

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