Tracy’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

Helped Immensely with My Headaches

Tracy Hammerstrom helped me immensely with my headaches. The headaches made it difficult for me to enjoy activites. Immediately affter the first treatment I felt 75 percent better and, thankfully, my headaches improved with each treatment. –DD

Very Kind and Very Attentive

I’ve had Acupuncture in the past, but for some reason had always felt a bit scared to have it done. When I had a treatment with Tracy, I felt very comfortable and I believe that’s due to the way she interacts with people. She was very kind and very attentive to my issues and even educated me a little bit about what she was going to do which helped me feel a lot better about the needles in my body. Her work was gentle and relaxing and I felt great and was even able to nap. I think feeling safe and trusting someone can be hard to find in a practitioner but Tracy made me feel super good and I enjoyed it very much. Most importantly, she addressed my complaints and got me feeling a lot better after my treatment. Highly recommend Tracy! Thank you.” –GR

A Great Communicator and a Very Skilled Clinician

After suffering from a chronic GI problem that was not relieved by conventional medicine for over 7 years, it was recommended that I come to Isthmus Wellness. At the clinic I received weekly treatments of herbs and acupuncture for 2 months. I am amazed at my recovery from the symptoms that plagued me. Tracy was my practitioner and was extremely astute at gathering information regarding my condition. We would meet weekly to assess the treatment which she would alter as needed. She is a great communicator and a very skilled clinician. I feel so blessed to have my health back and very thankful for her services. ” –BS

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