Daniel’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

“I just want to sing his praises!”

I love Isthmus Wellness. My most recent appointment was a massage with Daniel. I just want to sing his praises! He did a WONDERFUL job. He was the most professional throughout the appointment, made sure that my needs were met and was very respectful. He does a wonderful job. He said I’d be feeling like a new woman, and I do! I’m leaving for a big trip and didn’t want to be tight and tense for it. I am feeling SO much better about going now and am confident I’ll be able to do the amount of walking around for sightseeing. Thank you! Daniel.” –AB

“…highest level of professionalism”

Daniel has been employed as a myotherapist the last year. During this time, he has maintained the highest level of professionalism, motivation and dedication toward his job. Daniel is very responsible, courteous and displays great empathy with our patients. His strong work ethic and sincerity have earned him respect among the patients and office colleagues.” Sincerely, Dr. Sean Strelec, DC

“…tremendous asset to our facility.”

Daniel has served in this clinic for the past two years as a registered myotherapist and clinic manager. He has been well liked and has proved to be very helpful to both patients and other staff members. His knowledge and understanding of massage, yoga and complementary health care has been a tremendous asset to our facility. He has shown us a capacity to be courteous, friendly and resourceful even when under stressful conditions and with a heavy workload.” Sincerely, Kevin Kanz, DC, DAAPM, FABDA

“…one of the best massage therapists I know.”

Daniel is one of the highest calibers regarding massage and manual therapies. His knowledge of anatomy applies directly to patients in our clinical setting. Clinically he is one of the best massage therapists I know.”
Dr. Jack Badorek, DC

“…his knowledge is encyclopedic”

Daniel has been employed by the Rock Spa for the past two years as a Massage Therapist. Daniel possesses many skills and technical expertise with regards to various musculo-skeletal conditions. In addition, his knowledge is encyclopedic in healing arts, meditation, yoga and fitness which he serves as consultant to many marketing campaigns for the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. A person with his intellect and character is truly an asset to health and wellness in the spa profession. He would be a great asset as Spa Director or supervisor since he has management in his background.” Sincerely, Matt Lee, Spa Director Rock Spa

“…excellent services”

As a massage therapist, Daniel provides excellent services for the many guests that pass his way. His generosity only begins at providing massages. Daniel offers yoga classes for the employees of Brea in the morning before clients arrive to lift spirits and start the day off right. You will always be greeted with kind words and a smile from Daniel. Thank you for everything Daniel and be well.” Jennifer Breakey, Spa Director Glen Ivy Day Spa

“a ‘star’ instructor…”

A Remington College ‘Star’ Performer. This certificate is awarded to Daniel French in acknowledgement of being a ‘star’ instructor at Remington College in San Diego, California. Daniel goes out of his way to bring his passion and dedication to teaching in our Massage Therapy department and program.”
Lance Hargritt, Director of Educational Quality

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