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Energy Balancing

Maya Abdominal Therapy Exceeds Expectations

My appointment with Heidi was beyond my expectation. It was so valuable I’ve already thought of several people to recommend. Thank you so much for such a unique and valuable service. –anonymous

Healing Digestion Creates Peace and Harmony

Heidi’s style is respectful and caring, while being light-hearted and easy to smile. It is easy to relax with her even though I am anxious about people touching my belly. I had several miscarriages before I saw Heidi, and my digestion was slow and difficult. My gut felt like a bag of rocks. Since seeing her and practicing self care, my gut doesn’t feel tight, my organs don’t feel so hard and resistant. If I do self care after eating, I rarely get acid reflux or feel bloated, so I sleep better. My body is better able to digest and eliminate, and I feel healthier and less stagnant in my chest and belly. It’s wonderful to feel things flowing better, and to actually be able to tell that my organs are more supple and relaxed.” –KM, Milwaukee, WI [now she has two beautiful children]

Healing the Emotional and Physical with Maya Abdominal Therapy

I was very impressed with my initial Maya Abdominal Massage treatment experience. It was a lot to take in as I’ve never given this area of my body any focused attention before and Heidi shared a wealth of information. I found myself wanting to absorb it all, as I was moved by all the sensations I was experiencing and the pain points that were honed in on in my body that I wasn’t aware of. I was also very moved by the emotional component of the experience and some of the more personal things that were touched on like personal loss and letting go. I found this remarkably impactful and am grateful to Heidi for helping me bring an awareness to the stress and hurt I’ve been essentially storing in certain areas of my body. I never fully understood this and think just this part of the treatment in itself can be life-changing. During and immediately after the massage, I did have a strong emotional experience and some insights and felt much more in tune with my body, particularly in the abdominal area and womb. My digestion has improved and I also had an increased blood flow and sex drive during the weeks following treatment.” –AR, Milwaukee, WI

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