Alisha’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

Alisha is an Intuitive Talented Therapist

After breast cancer surgery, which included a mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes under my arm, I was in extreme pain from a winged scapula and frozen shoulder. My doctors recommended massage as a way to get my arm ready for the next step of my treatment, radiation. I am so grateful to have found Alisha, and Isthmus Wellness. Alisha took time to understand my issue and goals, and I have had incredible improvement after each massage. Alisha is an intuitive, talented therapist, and has helped me heal and move on with my life!” –Shannon

With Alisha, I am “not just a client.”

There will never be enough words to ever thank you for your knowledge and expertise in making my lifestyle healthier and giving me a meaningful life. Your discussion and illustrations of a frozen shoulder and all the parts of the body that are affected by painful trigger points which are sensitive nodules in the subscapularis (one of four muscles that comprise the rotator cuff) affecting other areas such as the inner surface of the scapula to the front of the humerus bone. The list goes on… you even educated me as to why I felt such extreme pain. To you, I am not just a client. You are totally dedicated – making sure that I receive the best care possible. You care about pain levels as you massage and ease my arm in different positions and you explain exactly what you are working on. I never feel rushed through my sessions. You are making sure that the four muscles that comprise the rotator cuff and tissue over the scapula and front of the humerus bone and other soft tissue are softly, but firmly addressed. This has not only been a successful treatment, but has opened my eyes into alternative medicine. Working with you I realized that, ‘No, I didn’t need another cortisone injection! No I didn’t need surgery!’ I would say to others, ‘Put your trust and faith in the knowledge of acupuncture and massage.’ As I sit in your waiting room, I feel relaxed. The reception staff at Isthmus Wellness are always caring. Yes, I made a life changing decision and a right one. I am so grateful. You changed my life. If a life could change from a hand guided by knowledge, our future would open doors to better and safer medicine expanding a new world – a new way of thinking.” –SL

Alisha is Very Understanding and Very Kind

Alisha has a way of being really specific with her work and uses the utmost precision. I told her my back was aching and tight, but what I didn’t realize was how tight everything from my neck to low back was. I have chronic pain and my neck has hyper mobility. Alisha listened to my concerns and told me what I should expect from my treatment. Her smile helped me feel relief and I felt less tightness. She definitely knows how to dig in deep and address the issues. I felt as little sore right after the treatment, but knew how different and how much better I was always feel after that. She’s very understanding and very kind. Thank you Alisha!” –GR

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