Gonzalo’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

Gonzalo has “laser-like precision”

Gonzalo is amazing! I always come in with horrible problems in my right neck and shoulder from a few different causes. My neck has always had this nagging pain when I try to move it in a direction it’s SUPPOSED to go! I’m fortunate to have found Gonzalo! He has a warm and friendly demeanor and always greets me with a smile. His massages are even better! I can describe what I’m feeling, and he has laser-like precision as to EXACTLY the problem area is! He gets in there and gets stuff done! Stretching, trigger points, deep pressure… I haven’t felt this loose in a couple of years! Thank you Gonzalo! You’re amazing!” –AB

Never Had Cupping Before… Loved it!

Very happy with my cupping service! I’ve never had a cupping treatment and it really relieved tension I had built up in my shoulders and neck. Gonzalo was my cupping therapist and he was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable as to what he was doing! Already have scheduled a acupuncture treatment with Tracy and look forward to scheduling another massage with Gonzalo next month.”–SM

Gonzalo was Systematic and Detailed

As a strength coach, I depend on my body to perform at a high functioning level each and every day. Unfortunately, 2 months ago, I rolled my ankle stepping on a rock while hiking. The resulting damage worked up my leg and wrecked havoc on my skeletal system and, in conjunction, my muscular system. With the appropriate care taken to get my body back in proper alignment a lot of the additional stresses resided in my muscular system, most notably my back and spinal erectors. With two 30 minute massages with Gonzalo, most of the muscular tension and tightness that was plaguing me was gone and I was back to full functional capacity at work. Gonzalo was systematic and detailed in his approach and very thorough through the entire process. I highly recommend Gonzalo to anyone that depends on their body daily for their job.”–BC

Gonzalo is “amazing!”

Second time seeing Gonzalo and he’s amazing! Really focuses on the spots that need work and makes sure his pressure is what I like the whole time! Great relaxing environment! —MM

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