Josh’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

The Healing Touch

The first word that comes to mind for me about Josh is Warmth. Josh exudes warmth and respect and kindness.  Not only does Josh have a healing touch in the massage he gives, but also his overall energy is of warmth. This creates a sense of safety for me when I get a massage from Josh and allows me to more completely relax and benefit from his excellent work. I struggle with neck arthritis and upper back pain and I always emerge from a massage from Josh with increased mobility and less pain. I like Josh so much that I have recommended him to all my friends!” –Dr. Katherine Kropf, DO

My Massage Therapist for Over Five Years

Josh Conrad LMT has been my monthly massage therapist for over the past five years.  He has helped me immensely with his caring expertise. As an elderly man,  I have an abundance of muscle and joint aberrations.  Somehow Josh always assessed my difficulties accurately and worked on my problems with his very sensitives but firm touch. After every session I exclaimed that that I felt like ‘I was walking on air.’ Josh is pleasant, competent, respectful and professional. He always lets the client lead the sessions as to whether they want to talk or just listen to music or be silent. In my life time I have had many massage therapists but Josh  is “hands down” the very best one. I miss our monthly sessions greatly. Athen’s loss is definitely Madison’s gain.” –Jerry Schaffer MA, M. Ed., LPCC

Josh Makes Clients a Top Priority

As a mountain bike rider and sometimes racer I have been to several massage therapists and Josh is by far my favorite. His ability to listen to the needs of my changing condition and adapt his approach is excellent. Josh has has a tremendous knowledge of how the body functions and can provide you with great insight about issues with your body. Josh also has a unparalleled work ethic and makes his clients a top priority. Thanks Josh!!!” –Aaron Burke

Safe, respected, listened to, and well cared for with Josh

Josh Conrad was my massage therapist for over two years in the Athens Ohio area, and he helped keep my lower back issues under control and helped reduce my stress levels while working a very difficult job. His intuitive healing of connected muscular problems is a winner and leaves the patient feeling rejuvenated and balanced. I always felt safe, respected, listened to, and well cared for with Josh. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a massage therapist and overall healer.” –Sarah Guthrie,Teacher/Storyteller

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