Julia Rowe

Energy Work and Massage Practitioner

Julia believes that all bodies are searching for balance. By using personalized treatment plans and specific techniques, she invites the body to remember the balance that is within. She has found that by bringing the mind’s awareness back to the body, this balance comes naturally and muscles are able to fall into place. Julia graduated from Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork in 2013. She has continued her journey with curiosity as she continues to learn and adjust her techniques to incorporate newfound epiphanies about the human body and mind. Julia is passionate about assisting clients in reconnecting with their bodies, healing from injuries, and inviting¬†relaxation into the mind-body experience.

Julia Rowe has advanced training and specializes in:

  • Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (Deep Tissue technique)
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Swedish relaxation techniques
  • Prenatal & Postpartum
  • Acupressure
  • Reiki
  • Abhyanga
  • Lymphatic Drainage

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