Morgan Greiber

Massage Practitioner

Morgan is passionate about creating an environment where clients feel safe, comfortable, valued and heard. Cultivating an atmosphere of trust and safety, she provides a space where effective therapeutic work can be done. Morgan’s interest in the mind-body connection and holistic healing is what drew her to massage therapy and bodywork. She also believes that through healing touch, client education and the creation of safe space, the body can truly begin to heal itself and massage therapy can help facilitate that beautiful process.

Areas of Experience:

  • Tui Na and Cupping
  • Headache relief
  • Muscle soreness / tightness
  • Acupressure points
  • Therapeutic and relaxation massage
  • Neck and back pain
  • Glute and hip pain

With an education from East-West Healing Arts Institute, she learned both Eastern and Western modalities that she likes to blend to create a unique session for each client. Morgan tailors each session to the particular needs of the client at the moment.

“It’s all about the relationship and the emotions of the client, and once you hit that benchmark, you can work from there to help the body.”
Morgan Greiber

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