Sarah’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

Among the Best Therapists I’ve Seen

After a year of bodywork with Sarah, I can strongly endorse her as a massage therapist and an acupressure practitioner. I work two very different jobs. As a part-time dance teacher, I experience muscle and joint pain in my back, legs, and feet. I also work a full-time desk job in a busy and sometimes stressful office environment. One of the symptoms of this stress is insomnia. Sarah’s skill with massage and acupressure has immediate noticeable benefits for all these issues. Because Sarah brings knowledge in two complementary modalities to the table, she delivers very effective treatment. Her skills are amplified by the fact that she listens attentively during consultations, asks specific questions to pinpoint issues, and checks in during the session to see if any adjustments might make the massage/acupressure more effective. The benefits I’ve experienced include a reduction in joint/muscle pain, an increased range of motion, decreased recovery time, stress reduction, and an improvement in sleep quality. In short, after over 20 years of receiving bodywork, I can confidently state that Sarah is among the best therapists I’ve seen.” –Darrel P.

Professional and Diligent Massage Therapist

Sarah has been my massage therapist for several years on a regular basis. I chose her, because I have chronic muscular-skeletal issues, which she understands and addresses professionally and diligently. While I might prefer to have nice relaxing massages, I need to have certain muscle groups worked on and Sarah does the job extremely well. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to anyone seeking a very competent professional massage therapist.” –Barry M.

Listens to Concerns and Addresses Problem Areas

I have been seeing Sarah for over two years.  She listens to my concerns and addresses my problem areas. She gives suggestions for things I can do on a daily basis to reduce my aches and pains and maintain my overall physical wellness.” –Laura F.

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