Danielle’s Testimonials

Energy Balancing

Danielle’s Healing Touch is Uplifting for Hours

Receiving body healing through Danielle has been and continues to be a true holistic experience. She utilizes both traditional and non-traditional massage techniques to balance your body both physically, but also energetically. In many ways she is able to pick up the subtle changes that our bodies go through when we undergo pain, trauma, inflammation or other negative experiences and transforms them. Her touch is healing, her energy is uplifting, and hours after I have left her presence I can feel my body continuing to heal. I can’t imagine ever visiting anyone else to heal my body.” –Angela S.

Energetic Healing Through Massage with Danielle

Danielle has worked with me ever since she discovered her innate gift for healing. She has always had a keen sensitivity for the physical and energetic qualities of the body, taking into account the effects of environment and experience on vitality. Danielle carries an authentic presence, giving mindful attention and care to her work and finding awe and inspiration in the compassionate act of relieving others from their suffering.” –Mariah S.

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