Lynsey Genevieve

Lynsey Genevieve, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been inspired and called to this life changing work of Arvigo Mayan Therapy since becoming a Massage Therapist in 2005. It has blessed my personal fertility journey and now I am blessed and honored to share this sacred work and be a part of this amazing community. A dream come true!

My practice is heart-based, trauma-informed, upheld with love, justice and mercy, and rooted in faith. I am deeply committed to stewarding the gifts Creator has given me with the highest integrity for the sake of my kin: both human, animal, plant and the like on this earth and our future generations. This is an offering of my heart and hands, a true labor of love.

I am a wife to my beloved, a mother to five beautiful children. I love to dance, try to play the banjo, sing, spend time in nature, wild craft medicinals, garden, bask in the beauty and medicine of our horse relatives, collect books, snuggle with my fluffy cat and my three legged dog, cook, and travel with my family.

My specialties include:

  • Abdominal Massage as taught by Dr. Rosita Arvigo
  • Ayurvedic Traditional Womb Massage
  • Fertility
  • Prenatal & Postpartum massage
  • Abhyanga for Postpartum and Infants and Infant Massage Education
  • Doula support, womb wellness, herbal support and nutritional consultations

My relevant educational background:

  • Lakeside School of Massage Therapy with Prenatal Massage focus graduate 2005
  • Infant Massage Educator Training: Donna Anderson Infant Massage USA
  • Herbal & Holistic Nutrition Apprenticeship: Judy former owner of The Grainery
  • Native Plant & Wildcrafting Herbal Apprenticeship: Johanna O’ Tigham Tea For The People & The Wild Farmacy
  • Clinical Western Herbalism: Kathy Eich Red Root Mountain School of Botanical Medicine
  • Global Herbal Studies & Apprenticeship: Lola Stonehill of Madison School of Herbal Medicine
  • DONA Birth + Postpartum Doula training
  • Ayurveda 101 For Massage Therapists: Karyn Chabot Sacred Stone School
  • Ayurvedic Self Care for Massage Therapists: Karyn Chabot Sacred Stone School
  • The Complete Course of Ayurveda: Jai Dev of Life Force Academy The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs: Jai Dev of Life Force Academy
  • Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula & Lactation Coach Training: Jenna Furnari Ayurvedic Mamas
  • Postpartum & Infant Abyhanga Massage: Jenna Furnari Ayurvedic Mamas
  • Ayurvedic Belly Wrapping & Womb Massage: Sarva Sarah Blackwell Inner Sun & Moon School
  • Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Specialist: Sarva Sarah Blackwell Inner Sun & Moon School
  • Advanced Holistic Doula: Whapio Diane Bartlett The Matrona
  • Holistic Midwifery Cohort Whapio Diane Bartlett The Matrona
  • Midwifery Apprenticeship Christina Oser Holistic Homebirth
  • Peristeam Facilitator: Keli GarzaPeristeam Hydrotherapy Institute Peristeam
  • Womb Care, Womb Steam, & Self Care Womb Massage: Panquetzani Ticitl Indigiescuela
  • Traditional Mexican Womb Massage, Postpartum Belly Binding & Cesarean Scar Tissue:Tema Marcado, CPM La Matriz Birth
  • Abdominal Massage & Abdominal Scar Tissue & Womb Care: Barbara Horsley Maya
  • Abdominal Massage Therapy Training: Heidi Jost Abdominal Therapy Collective

Special Work / Volunteer Work

I have a heart to serve women and children who are survivors of domestic violence, human sex trafficking and abuse. I partner with local organizations that work with survivors to offer holistic care and trauma support.

I also have a deep love and connection to our equine relatives and am currently training in horsemanship/horsewomanship to be able to support and facilitate holistic somatic care alongside these beautiful beings.

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