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Improving health naturally is becoming increasingly difficult due to environmental toxins, synthetic hormones, conventional farming, and increased stress in our daily lives. A recent study on umbilical cord blood of 10 newborn babies identified 287 chemicals, of which 180 are known to cause cancer, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development.[1]


Isthmus Wellness is committed to walking with people in experiencing a higher quality of life. Collectively we have helped thousands of clients achieve their health-care goals. Please discuss any questions with the Acupuncturists on staff at Isthmus Wellness.

Basic Nutritional Supplementation

The quality of nutritional supplements varies based on the raw materials used, where they are sourced, the manufacturing process, and additives and preservatives used in processing. In addition, many people do not properly absorb man-made vitamins, which burden the liver and disrupt reproductive health. We have carefully researched and carry only the highest quality nutritional supplements that improve health naturally. Most of our clients experience improvements in digestion, mood, energy levels, and hormones after making changes in supplements.


We estimate that up to 70% of our clients struggling with their health do not absorb synthetic folic acid and require a special form of methyl-folate instead. Designs for Health® manufacturers some of the highest quality vitamins available on the market and was one of the first to address methyl-folate and to enhance detoxification and support mental health.

Multivitamins that we do not recommend include the following:

  • Multivitamins that contain synthetic folic acid, Vit D2, and Vit A palmitate along with calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide that are difficult to absorb
  • Multivitamins that are cultured in saccharomyces yeast and we have found some clients with digestive complaints have saccharomyces fungal overgrowth detected on stool testing
  • Gummy type vitamins that contain folic acid, Vit D2, Vit A palmitate, preservatives, sugars and no calcium, magnesium or iodine
  • Vitamins purchased at larger retailers, drug stores, and pharmacies: they contain the poorest quality raw materials, folic acid, food additives, preservatives and coloring.

Soil Based Probiotic by Researched Nutritionals

The natural flora found in the digestive system and vaginal area for women can be most likened to microbes found in soil, not yeast and dairy. It is critical to support the healthy bacteria our bodies require as it is significantly depleted by current farming practices, herbicides and chemicals used in processing food.

Isthmus Wellness recommends soil-based probiotics (SBO) because they:

  1. Provide GLA (gamma linoleic acid), an essential fatty acid responsible for healthy hormone production
  2. Flush out harmful pathogens (viruses, bacteria, yeasts and parasites)
  3. Disintegrate undigested food and mucus in the small intestines, which eliminates the breeding grounds for pathogens, yeast and parasites
  4. Improve nutrient absorption by opening the pathways of intestinal villi
  5. Play a major role in the breakdown and conversion of food
  6. Produce new RNA & DNA, which activate cellular repair and improves cellular function
  7. Activate alpha interferon (a key immune system regulator)
  8. Stimulate the production of human lactoferrin, the body’s most effective natural bactericides and fungicides

Fish Oil Supplementation

Today’s diets are significantly low in Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) found in fish oil and grass-fed meats. DHA supports the healthy development of the brain, nervous system and eyes during pregnancy. EPA supports a healthy immune and cardiovascular system.

With today’s environmental toxins, radiation and heavy metals found in the ocean it is critical that fish oil supplements are sourced from clean water. We recommend the following fish oils based on limited exposed to heavy metals and radiation and our practitioners are happy to help you pick the one best suited for your needs.

Gene Mutations

In 2003 the human genome project was completed and a group of related gene mutations were found to be defective in a large percentage of the population. Knowing which gene mutations you have will significantly impact which nutritional supplements you take and what to watch for with your children.

Isthmus Wellness estimates up to 70% of clients with chronic health issues have one or two MTHFR gene mutations. If you have a single gene mutation your ability to detoxify, produce enzymes, heal from inflammation, generate neurotransmitters, and support your immune system are performing with 40% reduced function. If you have two gene mutations you are performing these vital functions at 70% reduced function.

MTHFR gene mutations disrupt the absorption of folate and folic acid supplements. If you feel worse when you take standard multi-vitamin supplements you are more likely to have these gene mutation. Low folate levels commonly cause fatigue, forgetfulness, irritability, and heart palpitations.

MTHFR gene mutations are hereditary and knowing if you have any can dramatically change the nutritional supplements we recommend. We strongly suggest you order the saliva gene testing through for $99. You can then have your raw data imported directly to and follow their instructions for the medical reports. They offer a free detoxification report, a complete nutritional supplement report for $27, and the complete nutritional supplementation with genetic carrier and drug response reports for $50.

Water and Why it MattersFluoride Toxicity

Water comprises about 60% of an adults body weight, and it contributes to every function in the body. Most people are not drinking enough water; you need at least 50% of your body’s weight in ounces daily. If you weigh 160lbs you need to consume at least 80oz of healthy water daily. The liver and kidneys require adequate water intake to detoxify the body.

Fluoride is added to many cities’ drinking water to reduce cavities. This topic is controversial, but for now lets look at how it affects health. The fluoride added to city water is not naturally occurring fluoride but hexafluorosilicic acid, an unwanted byproduct of the manufacturing of aluminum, fertilizer, and iron ore. A scientific peer reviewed article looked at 92 independent studies on the effects of fluorinated water and found an increased risk to a variety of health concerns including[2]:

  1. Reduced cognitive development in children
  2. Skeletal fluorosis causing joint pain, numbness and tingling in the extremities, back pain, knock knees, and vertebral osteosclerosis with spinal cord compression
  3. Reduction and disruption of 66 different enzymes needed for cellular communication
  4. Possible cause of uterine and bladder cancer and increased risk of osteosarcoma
  5. Disruption of the healthy bacterial flora balance
  6. Causes hypothyroidism by binding with iodine and disrupting synthesis of T3 and T4

High levels of nitrates can be found in both tap and well water. Nitrates commonly found in processed meats such as hot dogs and bacon increase the risk of cancer and possibly miscarriage. Many people are unknowingly consuming high levels of nitrates in their water from fertilizer, industrial waste and wastewater treatment facilities.

Fluoride and nitrates are difficult to filter from water. Common over the counter and refrigerator water systems do not remove fluoride and nitrates from tap water. Special filtration systems are required to remove fluoride such as reverse-osmosis. Reverse-osmosis removes everything, including vital minerals from the water. Minerals are required for every function in the body and the body will leach minerals from the bones and organs to balance the lack of minerals in the water. If you are drinking reverse-osmosis water it is critical to re-mineralize the water and add mineral supplements.

Isthmus Wellness recommends artesian water bottled at the source because it contains vital minerals. If you are located in Wisconsin, our first choice is Nicolet natural artesian water and local distributors can be found at

Skincare, Cosmetics, and Personal Hygiene Influences Reproductive Health

Your skin is your largest organ of absorption and what is applied to the skin will enter your lymph system and blood stream or store in your fat cells. Chemicals and toxins included in many over-the-counter and prescription products are known to negatively impact hormones, cause cancer, and reduce cognitive function.

The master glands that regulate hormones are located behind the sinuses. Toxins commonly included in face creams and make-up negatively impact these glands and disrupt hormones.

Feminine hygiene products can negatively impact reproductive organs because cotton is grown with high levels of pesticides. Non-organic pads and tampons will transfer dangerous chemicals to reproductive organs via direct contact with the area. We recommend using Natracare products made from 100% organic cotton and do not contain chlorine bleach, petrochemicals, and latex found in the non-organic feminine hygiene products. Our clients comment that they feel an immediate difference when they change products.

At Isthmus Wellness, we find that making these changes to your daily routine will greatly improve your overall and reproductive health. These changes will improve the outcome of all fertility enhancement treatments you receive while creating a healthy environment in the uterus for your baby to develop.

Product Health Assessment

Improving health begins with making informed choices everyday. Please visit Environmental Worker’s Group at and review your everyday consumables that are potentially affecting your health. Products with a rating of two or under are the safest. Any products with a rating of three or above will need to be switched to a healthy alternative.

We are happy to help you find healthy alternatives. We have provided our Product Assessment Chart to help you identify and remove potential toxic products and help you improve health naturally!

Click here for our Product Health Assessment Form

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