New Patient Forms

New patient forms are required based on the service scheduled. If you are receiving massage, acupuncture or energy work, both sets of new patient forms are required. The new patient forms and informed consent will be reviewed during your consultation or at your first appointment.

HIPPA (Privacy Notice):

HIPPA Privacy Notice (For all patients.)

Client Agreement:

Client Agreement (For all patients.)

Acupuncture, Massage and Energy Work Forms:

All new acupuncture, massage and energy work clients need to complete the following new patient forms prior to their scheduled appointment time. Please bring them with you or arrive 30 minutes early to complete them in the office.

Patient Information

Health History

Medical History

Women’s Reproductive History – if applicable

Men’s Reproductive History – if applicable

Maya Abdominal Therapy Forms:

Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) New Patient

Pediatric Patient Forms:

Pediatric Emotional Health Form

Miscellaneous Forms:

Testimonial Form – If you would like help in sharing your experience at Isthmus Wellness, LLC

Sauna Consent Form

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