Amenity Passes

The rates below are for individual treatments. We also offer package pricing and memberships or “Amenity Passes” to Isthmus Wellness. You may inquire at your next appointment.

Package Pricing

Isthmus Wellness offers package pricing to help you save on your ongoing wellness plan. Click here to view the package pricing.


Initial Acupuncture $125
Acupuncture Follow-Up $85
Initial Labor Prep Acupuncture $95

ATMAT (Arivgo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy)

Initial Comprehensive ATMAT: $170
ATMAT Follow-Up: $85
ATMAT Prenatal before 28 weeks 60 min: $95
ATMAT Prenatal 28-41.5 weeks 90 min: $130
Advanced Practitioner Charge: $30
Additional ATMAT Coaching: $30 per 15 min.


Massage Therapy 30 min: $45
Massage Therapy 45 min: $65
Massage Therapy 60 min: $85
Massage Therapy 90 min: $120
*All massage services can be adjusted for prenatal care.

Facial Services

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture: $80
Initial Facial Cupping 45 min: $65
Facial Cupping 30 min: $50
Facial Cupping 45 min: $75


Cupping Therapy 30 min: $45
Cupping Therapy 60 min: $80

Energy Work

Energy Work 60 min: $80


Sauna 30 min: $20
Sauna 45 min: $30
Massage Chair – Complimentary
Ionic detox foot bath-30 min (Amenity Passes membership discount): $15
Ionic detox foot bath-30 min (non-membership price): $30

Herbal foot soak: $30

Salt Chamber (in February of 2020): Introductory special: $20 or $35 for single sessions


Herbal Consultation 15 min: $20
Comprehensive Consultation 30 min: $80

Isthmus Wellness Cancellation Policy

  1. If a client cancels on the same day (within 24 hours is the standard), Isthmus Wellness will charge a same-day cancellation fee of $50.
  2. The cost for a no show, no call cancellation is equal to the price of the session that was cancelled. For example, the cost for a no show, no call acupuncture cancellation is $80, MAYA follow-up is $105, etc. (Please see our Rates Page for detailed pricing information.)
  3. If a client needs to cancel due to an emergency, they will need to speak with the manager of Isthmus Wellness, Chandon Williams, regarding a decision on whether or not cancellation fees will be waived.

Please do your best to keep your appointments at Isthmus Wellness. If you do need to cancel, please do so in advance so that you avoid any cancellation fees. Isthmus Wellness can be reached at 608-441-9355. You may also send an email via our online contact form.

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