Salt Room

We believe wellness is a team effort, so here at Isthmus we are happy to be expanding our current services to offer halotherapy (otherwise known as a salt room or chamber, or salt therapy).  Ever feel like everything feels better when you are at the ocean?  We can’t bring the ocean to Wisconsin, but we can bring the benefits of the sea salt!

Inhaling the salty air is equivalent to spending several days by the ocean packed into 30 minutes.  The benefits of halotherpy include clearer skin, reducing mucous congestion in the sinuses and chest, supporting the immune system under autoimmune or immune challenges such as allergies, cold, flus, asthma or cystic fibrosis.  Acne, psoriasis and eczema are the main skin conditions improved through regular salt chamber visits.  Salt therapy is a quick way to reduce inflammation both inside and out of the body.

Salt therapy has a regulating effect on the body and autoimmune system by reducing IgE levels (which calms immune oversensitivity).  The salt is ground into tiny micro particles by our state-of-the-art halogenerator and then is gently released into the air, therefore widening your airways, deepening the breath and helping to resolve and loosen mucus everywhere in the body.  Our floor here in our salt chamber is lined with several inches of Himalayan salt to release negative ions into the air which helps to reduce the wear and tear of all of the positive ions released via electronics and EMFs which we are overexposed to.  The rest of the salt particles that aren’t inhaled land on the skin, reducing inflammation and encouraging cell turn over, promoting healthier skin and quicker growing hair.

The salt helps to rebalance trace minerals in the body, therefore encouraging healthy mental health responses, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting restful sleep.  For general wellness, we recommend one session per week or every two weeks.  If you are working on addressing something specific, then more regular visits of three times a week until the issue is resolved is recommended.  Please consult your health provider before starting halotherapy or any new adjunct to your wellness program.


1. What is the cleanliness of the salt chamber?

Salt rooms are three times cleaner than a sterile surgery room in a hospital due to the sterilizing effects of the salt in the air.  Salt inherently has antimicrobial properties, hence its use in curing foods.

2.  Can children use the salt chamber?

Yes, it is safe and encouraged as a drug free alternative to addressing many issue for toddlers and children.

3.  What is the recommended frequency?

We recommend once per week or once every two weeks for maintaining wellness.  If you are looking to address a specific issue with halotherapy, then we recommend 2-3 times per week for a therapeutic effect.

4.  What is the price?

Your Introductory Session is $20.  Subsequent sessions are $35.  Each session is 30 minutes.  We also offer package pricing (3-, 10- and 20-packs) which brings the cost per session down.  Pricing for children differs view pricing here

5.  What makes your salt chamber different?

Our state of the art halogenerator and the smaller size of the room allow for a greater concentration of extremely fine salt particles to fill the room.  This means the salt can get into more and deeper spaces in your airways and skin and be more effective than the large salt rooms that use larger salt particles.  This is why some people may not necessarily taste the salt, but the effects are more significant.

6.  How long will the effects last?

Although some results occur quickly and last for up to a year, we feel regular use of the salt chamber helps to maintain wellness.  We recommended 1-2 treatments per month as a general guideline for self care and keeping the body in balance.

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