Custom Chinese Herbal Medicine

Custom Chinese herbal medicine formulas are available from Isthmus Wellness and others looking to fill their custom formulas. To determine your custom Chinese herbal medicine formula please contact Isthmus Wellness at info@isthmusacupuncture or (608) 441-9355 or your local Acupuncturists for a consultation.

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Chinese herbs are sold by the gram.  They can be purchased as a powder to be taken as tea, or can be encapsulated into pills.  If purchased as a powder, any quantity can be ordered.

Chinese herbs can be purchased singly or can be blended into a formula. Please specify in your order if a custom blend is being ordered.

Custom Chinese Herbal Formulas Available at Isthmus

Custom Chinese herbal medicine formulas are an effective way to address multiple symptoms at once by creating custom formulas based on individual needs.

Custom Chinese herbal medicine is available in a granular form. This allows the herbs to be prepared as a powdered tea or in capsules.

Isthmus uses an off-site herbal pharmacy with every possible formula and herb available.  We also carry nutritional supplements from top manufacturers such as Designs for Health, Orthomolecular, Standard Process, Researched Nutritionals, Blue Poppy and more. Providers can contact the Retail-Herbal department at for more information.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultations

Clients can schedule a custom Chinese herbal medicine consultation with an Isthmus Acupuncturist by contacting the receptionist at or (608) 441-9355. Consultations for herbal and nutritional support usually run between 30 and 60 minutes.

Safety Information Chinese Herbal Medicine

Isthmus Wellness uses mostly custom granular herbs prepared by Crane Herbs and produced in Taiwan. Crane is one of the most established and respected producers of concentrated Chinese herbs in all of Asia. Modern scientific processing methods and rigorous quality control set KPC Herbs apart from all other sources of Chinese herbs. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is produced with each batch of herbs. The COA documents the excellent quality of our herbal extracts. Only batches that fulfill the ‘Golden Standard’ are packaged and distributed. The Golden Standard is a collection of the strictest criteria of safety standards from the U.S., Singapore, the E.U. and Japan. The high standard ensures Crane’s herbal products may be consumed safely across the world, making them truly world-class.

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