Essential Oil Massage

Bodywork with Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Our essential oil massage combines the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils with special massage techniques that target the immune and central nervous systems. By using these special techniques, your central nervous system will channel the healing properties of the essential oils to every area of your body. The oils penetrate the cerebral spinal fluid and cross the blood brain barrier to help support healthy brain function. Enhancing the health of the spinal column and nerves that branch from it is highly beneficial for maintaining health as you age.

Each Essential Oil Massage is Customized for You

The therapeutic-grade essential oils used in our essential oil massages are carefully chosen to support and balance any targeted system of the body. We use Body-Feedback testing methods to customize each session to:

  • Support and balance the immune system
  • Calm and nourish the nervous system
  • Promote a healthy inflammatory response
  • Benefit the muscular-skeletal system
  • Support the cardiovascular system

The massage begins with your custom oils being applied to your feet for grounding and balancing the chakra system.  Then using foot reflexology, the oils are applied using a special technique to benefit the central nervous system. Then the oils are applied to your spine and back. The session is follow by 30 or 60 minutes of therapeutic massage based on your needs.

Essential Oils used in the Massage

At Isthmus Wellness we use the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils based on your body’s needs. Our oils are sourced from around the world, are organic and pure.

Essential Oil Massage with Far Infrared Sauna

At Isthmus Wellness we found combining the essential oil massage  with a thirty-minute Far Infrared Sauna session mutually benefits each therapy providing superior results. The Far Infrared Sauna helps the therapeutic essential oils to penetrate deeper in the body on a cellular level. The sauna assists with removing toxins, reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system which are also benefits of the essential oil massage.

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