Staying Healthy in Wisconsin Winters

Mar 10, 2020 |

Hello Isthmus Wellness Tribe!

We hope you are managing to stay well this winter.  And we want to ensure you have the tools to achieve that! Below, we will share our favorites. If you are a little unsure what is right for you, book a comprehensive phone consult or in person consult with Tracy or Dr. Isaac Haynes here.

Did you know that adequate levels of Vitamin D (the “sunshine” vitamin) support a healthy immune system?  But if you haven’t been getting enough sunshine on your skin, you should supplement! It may be the perfect extra support to prevent that next cold or flu.  Scientists have shown that a lower Vitamin D level correlates to higher susceptibility of getting an upper respiratory infection. Here’s what we’re using:

 – Liposomal D Supreme

– superior absorption — liposomal delivery system absorbs into bloodstream directly in your mouth

– combines Vitamin D with Vitamin K — supports healthy bones and calcium balance

– bypasses the digestive tract — so is preferable if you have digestive issues

 – Buffered Vitamin C (pill form or powder!)

– the buffered form is absorbed quicker and is easier on the digestive tract

– helps to recover from a cold more quickly

– prevents flu and other viruses when taken 1000-2000mg per day

-studies show higher doses break up mucus in the lungs


NEW! at Isthmus Wellness:  VIRACID. As the name implies, this combo of vitamins, herbs, and nutrients packs a punch against viruses (and bacteria).  These ingredients help bolster your immune system to fight whatever you may be coming down with. Take it at the first sign of a cold or infection.  Can be taken preventatively, too!

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